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Segments where Skidata systems find application
Advantages of the Skidata solution

Charger for electric vehicles

Our solution for charging electric vehicles is based on the products and program of the leading company in Europe based in Spain, Circontrol. The Circontrol company, a pioneer in the field of electric chargers, launched the first charger with AC charging technology in 2008. Over the years, the range of electric chargers has become diverse and today we offer AC & DC charging solutions. So, normal charger and fast charger.

AC chargers include models:

"Wallbox" with power ranging from 7.4 kWh to 22 kWh; "Post eVolve" with a maximum power of up to 22 kWh, featuring 2 outlets for simultaneous charging of 2 electric vehicles.

AC chargers include models:

- "Raption 50," a DC charger with a maximum charging power of 50 kWh, equipped with a CCS2 outlet. This version can be paired with an AC outlet for simultaneous charging of 2 vehicles, where one vehicle is charged in DC with 50 kWh, and the other in AC, with a maximum of 22 kWh.
- "The Raption 100," a DC charger with a maximum charging power of 100 kWh, equipped with a CCS2 outlet. This version can be paired with an AC outlet for simultaneous charging of 2 vehicles, where one vehicle is charged in DC with 100 kWh, and the other in AC with a maximum of 22 kWh.
- "The Raption 150," a DC charger with a maximum charging power of 150 kWh, equipped with a CCS2 outlet. This version can have 2 CCS2 outlets for simultaneous charging of 2 electric vehicles using DC technology.
"The Raption 350," a DC charger with a maximum charging power of 350 kWh.


- Battery lifespan resulting from the use of chargers certified according to German calibration and certification terms, "German Eichrecht Calibration Law Compliance Certification."'
- Centralized management of your entire electric charger fleet, regardless of location, through the "Cosmos Platform" software. With this software, you can generate reports on device status, potential alarms, total consumption for different periods, access granting or revocation, and all of this with just an internet connection.
- Achieving optimal management of the total energy your building/office/home requires. This solution is implemented through the DLM program, which enables the charging of your electric vehicle without affecting the performance of other devices you are using.

AC Charger
DC Charger
The advantages of our solution
Access-control system & working time management.
The advantages of our solution

Access control systems

Access Control & Time Management System The solution offered by Zucchetti Group for access control and time management for staff is the ideal tool for collecting and processing data regarding employees and their movements during working hours.
This solution is suitable for:
- Businesses of all sizes or structures;
- Public institutions;
- Hospitals;
- Educational institutions;
- Hospitality establishments.


- Full integration of access control with staff time tracking;
- Real-time monitoring of work attendance data for employee presence/absence;
- Automatic calculation of theoretical and practical working hours within the office environment;
- Shift scheduling;
- Hierarchical determination of the company or separate companies based on departments and positions;
- Maintenance of a database with individual employee data;
- Real-time reporting on anomalies in work attendance;
- Import/export of data for use by third-party systems;
- Generation of reports to interface with the payroll system;
- Customized reporting.

Management of multifunctional centers

Software for managing Fitness Centers, Gyms, SPAs, Pools, Aqua Parks.
Gymgest is the right solution to manage your Pool, Gym, SPA, Aqua Park, or even your multifunctional center.
The Gymgest program is modular, enabling implementation from smaller environments with modest needs to multifunctional settings with a high number of participants, requirements, and services offered.

What this program offers:

- Management of access control for members, visitors, staff, etc.
- Management of subscriptions based on schedules, visits, and duration;
- Direct sale of products and their storage from the program;
- Management of access control for personal item lockers;
- Automatic management of shower or hairdryer usage time;
- CRM;
- Automatic sending of messages/emails for active clients, inactive clients, promotional offers;
- Offering à la carte services;
- Creation of specific classes requiring pre-registration from clients;
- Reservation of schedules for specific services such as SPA, massage, etc.
- Maintenance of medical records for your center's clients;
- Conversion of RFID cards or wristbands into credit cards, with prepayment or post-payment options;
- Management of sun loungers or products offered for daily rent.

Program for the management of different centers
What this program offers:
Parking Guidance System
Numbering System
Orientation System

Intelligent parking signal

TETRA continues to remain unique in the most innovative parking environment systems it offers. Through collaboration with the company Circontrol, we have introduced the "Parking Guidance System" to Albania. This is one of the most impressive and enduring systems in the market for parking space guidance. Integrated into the "CirPark" platform, it becomes a powerful management tool that optimizes traffic in parking lots and ensures user satisfaction by providing them with the necessary information when they need it. This unique parking platform offers:

Numbering System

A system for counting available spaces at the main entrance of the parking lot, or even the division into zones within the parking environment. This will ease the created traffic and direct users to areas with available parking spaces as quickly as possible.

Orientation System

The LED-based Orientation System enables users to follow the green color, indicating an available parking space. This is how the sensors of the "Parking Guidance System" solution work. Using the RGB (red, green, blue) color model, the sensors show users which spaces are occupied and which are available for parking, thereby reducing traffic congestion in your parking environment and reducing the time it takes a user to park a vehicle by more than 60%.

Implementation in projects

Tetra meets the needs for a safe, controlled and reliable access control in environments where security is required to be very high. We have successfully implemented such solutions in:
Air Albania Stadium, Loro Borici Stadium, Stadium Elbasan Arena, Selman Stermasi Stadium, Access control at the Durres Port Authority.
If you need to manage events with a large number of visitors, for example events with a large number of entrances, with VIP areas, guest areas and entrances for people with disabilities, the security of participants and premises starts at the entrance. For several years now, we have focused our attention on the study and solution of problems related to access control and security in sports, cultural events or even environments with limited access. Be it a stadium, a theater, an area with limited access, the operator must keep many things under control. We have based this solution on the leading international company in the field of security equipment, Gunnebo. Gunnebo The Gunnebo Group is an international leader in providing security products, solutions and services. Specialized in access security solutions, electronic security. The central offices of the Gunnebo company are located in Sweden. Gunnebo, as an international provider, has representative offices in more than 28 countries, 10 production factories and has 5,200 employees around the globe.

The safety devices that our company covers through the partnership with Gunnebo are:

Full Height Turnstiles for use in areas where security is required to be high such as in stadiums, military areas, state offices, banks, etc.. Click here to download the catalog. SpeedStiles for use at the entrance/exit in office spaces, ports, airports, subways, etc. Click here to download the catalog. Tripods for use at the entrance/exit in office environments, etc. Click here to download the catalog.

Access solutions for high security environments


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