Our History

Our journey started in 2007, founded as a company with a clear vision in providing solutions in the field of information technology for small, medium-sized businesses, and corporations. Thanks to our experience and successful management, these 16 years have been a history of success, based on the high standards set by the group's parent company, CCS, which has been operating in the Albanian market since 1993. 

TETRA was born out of the need to cover the part of services and solutions that the Albanian market lacked, such as intelligent solutions in the field of access control systems for vehicles and people, solutions for electric vehicle charging, and the field of business process automation. 

Today, our company is present in 3 different locations, with headquarters in the city of Tirana, our office in the city of Durrës, and most recently with our new office in the city of Pristina to offer our experience and expertise in the Kosovar market as well.


Thanks to innovative technology, quality products, and professional support, we aim to provide businesses with ease in managing work processes, high security, efficiency, and optimization of operational costs.  

Through our "GREEN" solutions, we are committed to environmental protection. 


We aim to provide businesses in Albania and Kosovo with contemporary technological solutions to enhance security and maximize potential. This is in accordance with the highest standards offered by the experience of our European partners 


The values that accompany us on our journey are: Smart, Secure, Green

Smart – For the intelligent systems and services that TETRA brings to Albania

Secure – For the most secure solutions, we offer businesses in parking systems and access control

Green – For a cleaner environment and a greener future electric vehicle chargers



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Automated parking systems The Skidata parking system, thanks to the modular software, fulfills your needs starting from small parking areas, to complex and large projects. Skidata systems provide security, transparency and convenience for the user.
Chargers for electric vehicles The product range of the leading company Circontrol for charging electric vehicles is wide and offers AC and DC charging solutions, i.e. normal chargers and fast chargers.
For a safe environment, Gunnebo equipment is the right solution.
Program for the management of multifunctional centers The "Gymgest" program is a modular software that enables the management of gyms, swimming pools, but also multifunctional and complex centers in terms of the number of services offered.
Zuccheti Group
Access-control system and working time management Access-control systems meet your need for security in your business premises, complete control over entrances and exits, and management of working time for staff.
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